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One of the main arguments against Basic Income is that it will make people lazy — that they will stop working if they have a guaranteed income. Ignoring, for a moment, that the data suggest otherwise, let’s go down a different path. One that might speak to people for whom the “humanity” argument falls flat. Let’s talk about the modern day Heroes of America (Entrepreneurs). The people pulling themselves up by their (wealthy friends’ and family’s) bootstraps. Let’s speak to the unofficial backbone of our country — the hard…

Find your startup’s reason for being*

There is a massive shift occurring in business, in which we no longer face a trade off between profit and purpose. In which it actually makes strategic sense to build an organization that targets the societal and planetary grand challenges we contend with. Because a new generation of consumers and employees is demanding that companies achieve both. We see this in the products they buy, the brands they are loyal to, and the companies they seek to work for….if they seek to work for companies at all. I include that caveat because…

What if the rising generation of entrepreneurs were equipped with a personal compass that helped them translate individual purpose and professional skills into social impact, while also making a profit?

Success is about more than money.

Move over rock stars, athletes, and A-list actors, we’ve got a new idol this season: Entrepreneurs. A very particular brand of them, too — not the bootstrapper or the small business builder, but the Unicorn with the multi-million dollar Series A. The big name investors. The billion dollar valuation. We glorify the startup life, buying into the hype that:

  • Raising a lot of investment money indicates success
  • Being acquired or going public are the best possible outcomes
  • Success primarily depends on your technical skills and experience
  • Your company will make it if you follow the steps of other entrepreneurs
  • You…

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I was recently coaching a new college grad who told me the idea of a career fulfilling his Ikigai — work which simultaneously reflected what he was good at, loved, could be paid for, that the world needs — was unrealistic. An early twenties, aspiring entrepreneur, officially entering the work force, committed to social impact, was already resigned to the fact that the place where he will spend 1/3 of his life will be a perpetual concession of money or meaning. Sigh. …

Home — where the vast majority of unpaid work happens.

Please excuse me while I go clean out my inbox to make room for all the hate mail I’m about to get…

The gender/POC pay gap has finally been getting some serious attention and airtime, but what if we are thinking too small? What if it isn’t about:

  • more women and POC in higher paying, traditionally (white) male roles
  • more women and POC decision makers and leaders
  • wage parity (female/POC engineers being paid equally to male engineers)
  • no pay dock after time off for maternity leave or caring for a sick family…

A visual depiction of the comments from my last post.

No really, though. Stop complaining. That’s enough. As witty and pithy and scathing and cathartic as your criticism may be, it is still bested by a single, meager action to solve the thing that so upsets you. And as you sit on your couch, behind the safety of your screen, angrily single finger typing your ALL CAPS response to my post, it’s hard to find much to distinguish you from the lazy, entitled, adding-little-to-society, bum you envision celebrating their monthly basic income check.

I feel compelled to write this post after seeing some truuuly…

Hallelujah! There’s a new hero in town. The one we’ve all been praying for. And she’s been globe trotting lately. Spotted in diverse nations like the Netherlands, Kenya, Canada, India, Scotland, Finland, and Uganda. She recently made her American debut in California. She’s a floor, not a ceiling. A shiny silver bullet, prepared to save the day when the dreaded AI and Robot armies come to take all of our jobs. Her supporters make unlikely bedfellows, ranging from the staunchest libertarians to the most liberal lefties. Her name is UBI. …

Don’t do it alone.

My past year has been made up of bad days (when I felt utter despair about the state of the humanity) and good days (when I felt slightly less utter despair about it). I’ve awoken on countless mornings confronting a sense of powerlessness. A feeling that despite statistical proof that things are getting better, we’re taking five steps back for each one step forward. And I don’t think I’m alone in the harsh realization that there aren’t any heroes coming to save the day. If there are to be heroes, they will have to be us.

Knowing this, I’m more…

This week, the news broke about Zappos’ “double down” on self-organization via an offer for employees to get on board with this model and the company vision, or find another board to get on (w/ a generous severance package to support that transition). To the media outlets and Twitterers searching for the most controversial lede, this will start a discussion around the merits of Holacracy and whether this is a PR play, sign of implosion for Zappos, or necessary voluntary lay off ( ). In reality, this is not a debate about Holacracy, which is just…

Re-thinking education in terms of employment  

Today, the speed of technological innovation is exponential — billion dollar companies rise and fall seemingly overnight. Things we learn quickly become irrelevant, and daily life requires adaptability with ever changing devices, platforms, and technologies. The landscape is not only constantly changing, but also changing much more rapidly than ever before. In conflict with this pace, the structure of the current education system requires long lead-time to approve coursework and curricula. …

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